Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Professional Development: Relevant or Not

I just finished tweeting in the #edchat tonight on “What are the roadblocks stopping teachers & administrators from engaging in PD?”
There were lots of opinions on what quality PD looks like, but everyone seemed to agree that teachers should be in control of some of their PD opportunities.
PD should be relevant to what teachers are doing in their classroom, not just some random lesson that has no real point. As teachers we attempt to make our lessons engaging for students, PD also needs to be engaging. To me, engaging PD would include teachers being able to “talk” about the issues or topic, whether this be verbal or tech talking. I also think that schools should use their teachers to provide PD rather then obtaining outside sources to present to a staff. Teachers engage in PD everyday. Talking to each other to problem solve situations in their classroom and to share great lessons and student success. Real life, relevant PD is the most beneficial PD for me and my students!

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