Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Livescribe Sentences for ELL

I used the Livescribe pen with a student who had just arrived in Canada, around two weeks before this video was taken. When she arrived she did not know any English, not even hi or bye. I thought she needed to learn certain phrases to at least help her in her first few weeks in Canada. I wrote a few sentences and showed her how to use the pen. After she used it a few times she asked me, using a translator program, if we could write a few more for her. I was very excited that she really enjoyed using the Livescribe pen. She typed a few different sentences into a translator program and I recorded them using the Livescribe pen. After this she became completely independent using the pen. She would go to the pen and paper, and click on the sentence she wanted to say. She would listen and repeat the sentence, then come to me and say the sentence aloud for me to respond. It was perfect! This helped her to feel more comfortable in the class and able to ask the questions that she wanted to ask.

Sentences for RH
brought to you by Livescribe

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