Sunday, September 5, 2010

Flip cards with the Livescribe Pen

The following video is of a student using the Livescribe pen to learn Enlgish words and phrases. I made the flip cards for this student to practice before I had the Livescribe pen. When she was practicing I noticed that she did not always pronounce words correctly, so I would practice with her or she would practice with other students. Once I had the Livescribe pen I decided to make her flip cards easier for her to practice even when no one was available to assist her. I cut the Livescribe paper into squares then pasted these squares onto the cards. Then I would make a dot while I said the word or phrase. This made the flip cards so much easier and more engaging for the student to use. Now she uses them independently and is able to hear the correct pronunciation of words while she practices pronouncing the words herself.

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